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Outreach / Missions

At First Christian Church - Missions and Outreach are incorporated into our missional purpose as a church:  We are to "use our spiritual gifts to go wherever Christ leads, restoring relationships and inviting everyone into a healing, united fellowship of love." 


We have multiple options for outreach - but listed below are the projects that are ongoing. 

Miracle League of Las Vegas is a program that believes that children, young adults and adults alike with special needs around the globe will have this same opportunity to play baseball. The Miracle League believes: Every Child Deserves A Chance to Play Baseball.

God's Groceries

God's Groceries is our food pantry program that we run in association with Northwest Community Church.  Through food donations from church members and from our association with Three Square Food Bank - we are able to help hundreds of food insecure people every month. 

Christmas Families

Christmas Families is another outreach that we do in association with Northwest Community Church.  In this program, we reach out to families in need and help provide food and gifts during the Christmas season in order to share the love of Christ with those who are less fortunate. 


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